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DragonVale is a breeding simulation game where players design a park and show dragons in habitats as a way to make "dragoncash". Dragoncash is earned by Dragons while remaining in in their environment. Different dragons earn at rates that are different depending upon rarity and their type.

There really are a number of rare or limited dragons which are only available during a certain time period. These dragons are crafted toward seasons, specific holidays, flaws,months and events. By way of example, the Ghost monster is available for the Reindeer drag on along with Halloween is the winter vacations for  available Luckily, there are several free ways to generate gems in DragonVale. That is only one reason why DragonVale is a lot better than other monster games.

Anyways, you can try these means to make free gems (in order of the majority of advocated to least recommended):

1. Compete in the Colosseum!

Everyday, in case you compete in the Colosseum, it is possible to earn up to 5 jewels. Nonetheless, you should consider placing large- leveled dragons and the sort according to the function. Illustration: I'd recommend placing An Even 10 or above Lightning Monster If it is the Lightning Tournament. Do not always expect a gold trophy (5 gems) because it is NOT a 100% chance to get one. But in the event that you really do not get the gold trophy, you will certainly make at the very least a silver prize (2 gems) if you do as I've recommended.

2. Get Facebook buddies and friends!

The mo Re the better! Gems can be exchanged and deliver by you to every other every single day if you have many friends. In the event you have 5 daily gem-sending friends, it is possible to rely on on obtaining 5 gems each day in that process.

3. Get Gemstone dragons!

When you have level 10 gemstone dragons (excluding the Jade Drag On), you're able to make a gem per week. The Jade Dragon makes half as significantly.

4. Race in the Monster Track!

This is the least recommended of every one of the stone-earning systems because it's quite hard to earn gems that are free. Even should you're able to open the Gold Treasure-Chest, you will not have a very likely possiblity to earn a gem or two. It is as breeding a Range monster, practically as you possibly can.

I think this is all of the gem -generating processes. All The Best!